The Secret Mind Upgrade Retreat. 
6 People Will Be Transformed In 4 Days Of Immersion Into The Infinite Potentiality Of The Mind For Total Unleashed Emotional Freedom Through The A Secret Process Of Hypnosis 
Important: Only 3 Available Places Left.
The Secret Mind Upgrade Retreat
6 People Will Be Transformed In 4 Days Of Immersion Into The Infinite Potentiality Of The Mind.
One of the most beautiful things you can experience is opening your mind and heart and making powerful transformations. 

When people come together wanting to change their lives, willing to be open and share, to open themselves to reflection and learning … magic can happen. That’s what we’d like to create in July.

The retreat we’re creating is aimed at transforming you from the inside out— in mind, body and soul.  We’re limiting it to only 6 people, to keep it intimate.

What This Retreat is About
It’s a 4-day retreat that focuses on:
  •  Discovering the deep core of all the issues you experience
  •  Understanding the nature of why they existed at deep peace level.
  •  Integrating ALL conflicts stopping you living a deep fulfilled life.
  •  Finding joy and gratitude in life.  
  •  Seeing the underlying goodness in ourselves & overcome dissatisfaction with ourselves
  •  Dealing with uncertainty, developing trust in the process
  •  Customized fully to what you need with ONE-to-ONE attention. 

The Power of a Retreat
Why go on the retreat? 

Because in our busy lives, we don’t often have time to step back and look at the big picture.

On this retreat, we’ll be taking time for ourselves. For our happiness and for developing a more mindful life. For understanding how our minds work and how we can start to effect change.

This is something we don’t take time to do, because we’re so busy … by signing up for this retreat, you’re saying that it’s important to take time out for yourself, to work on these issues and to find a better path. You’re saying that you’re important enough to find the time to work on this.

I invite you to make the time, and work with me.
Important: Only 3 Available Places Left.
Change Your Life
A lot of us feel stuck in our lives, not able to break out of our old patterns … we have difficulty:
  • Changing our negative habits
  • Being more mindful and resolve all inner conflicts
  • Finding deep passion and unleashing it
  • Overcoming our fears and doubts and releasing negative beliefs
  • Finding core happiness with ourselves
  • Connecting to others
  • Dealing with anxiety and frustrations
  • Controlling our emotional state by choice
  • And more
This retreat is about breaking through those patterns, understanding why they have such power over us, and finding a mindful path into new territory.

If you go through this retreat with the ability to break through those old patterns and change your life … would it be worth it to you?

What You Need To Realize...
If you could consciously change, you would have by now. 

So if you cannot change, you must meet the issue where it lives...the unconscious. 

I solve the unsolvable. I get results when other coaches cannot. You are literally a 4 days away from becoming unstoppable. 
And it's really that simple...

If your mind isn't performing at 100%, you can't produce optimum results... 

If you can't produce optimum results... you can't make money or achieve the type of success you want

But if you get your mind right... then you can succeed in LIGHTENING SPEED!
Important: Only 3 Available Places Left.
How It Works:
STEP ONE: Once enrolled, you'll receive a specifically designed questionnaire that will allow you to create your wish-list before you attend, which we’ll work on during the retreat.

STEP TWO: You get to hang out with me AND Melissa for 4 days of transformation.

STEP THREE: We will over deliver and get you even more than you asked for. 
Our home in San Diego, California (10 mins from Downtown, Coronado Island, Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo and the beach!) Accommodations not included.
July 7th to 10 2017
How many people are accepted?
Six people only — this is a exclusive event. 

Are ready to claim your seat?
Bonuses Included:
Important: Only 3 Available Places Left.
Bonus Two
1 years membership to Mind Mastery. 
24 group calls (twice per month) with Joseph, giving you the right support and momentum all year long. 
Plus: Get full access to life changing courses such as:
  • Complete Confidence Mastery
  • Freedom From Anxiety
  • Be Your Potential Video Series
  • Happiness Unleashed
Bonus Three
Daily Juices to efficiently release the toxins swimming in our system and supercharge our neurology.
Plus mind nourishing lunches and snacks for optimized brain advancement.
This combination will keep your mind and body in the zone to absorb the insight and transformation at a deeper unconscious level for immediate success.  
The Investment? 
Total Combined Value: $6521
 Investment: $1997 *
Payment Plan Available Below
Important: Only 3 Available Places Left.
Usually $4997 But Today Only $1997 for 4 days of absolute transformation,  Mind Mastery yearly membership (value $2227) and your brain food and juice.

This event will sell out, so reserve your spot and register today by completing the registration.
* No accommodation or flights included. 

Payment plan, first deposit, non-refundable due to the limitation of spaces available. 

Important: Only 3 Available Places Left.
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Here's A Quick (Partial) Bio Of Joseph Clough
Joseph experienced low confidence, anxiety and blushing as a teenager. He dropped out at college and started out in his own business as a hypnotist and coach at 18 years old in Cambridge, England. 

Over the last 15 years, he has served over 8 million people in 218 countries.  He is an very successful entrepreneur in his own right and surrounds himself with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world! 
  • He is a bestselling author of the book Be Your Potential. 
  • Celebrity Hypnotist and Coach to the Stars. 
  • Has helped over 8 million people in 218 countries. 
  • He fell into this by overcoming his own issues and made it his passion to help fellow entrepreneurs to do the same and reach their potential. 
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